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Watchmen trailer Watchmen trailer

Rated 4 / 5 stars




... Touché.
You win.

But I'll get you next time Gadget...Next time!

Rhyming Words Rhyming Words

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fückin Grüvin!

Dear Garfunkel,
I promised to review this beautiful creation some time ago, but never found the time to do so... So now, with a delay of some weeks (sorry for that ;) I finaly present to you: THE REVIEW. Okay, a detailed observation... Here it goes:
- The movie starts very artsy, with the rythmic disappearance of the loading screen. Nice one, +1 thumb for that! As for the fact that music really touches me, I was thrilled to hear an old familiar tune! Childhood memories man... I remember how I was sitting hypnotised in front of the TV, drooling, while allowing the propeganda and indoctrination to acces and take over my little, immature brain... Oh, sorry, wandering of, back to reviewing. The cat's head, in the first scene, is without a doubt the most artistic thing you've ever drawn! It's so fucking stylish!! You're drawing skills have improved incredibly much over the years; from doodlish to comicesque (is that actualy a word?). The scene transitions are very original and flashy!

Hey! That was Tom (where did you leave Jerry?). Hahahahahaha! Man, this is hilarious! This is easily the best thing you've ever made (* changes the overall score from 9 to 10 * ). The whole movie is so wel directed (apart from the "red" thingy, that was a bit quickly made...), I was drooling like I did when I was young, combined with histerious manical laughter. Amazing!

The extra scene was fun. Where does that sound-bite come from again? Oh right, South Park (* Changes Style and humor from 9 to 10 *)

Good job man! Looking forward to see more of your work! Don't hassitate to show me any previews ;)

A big platonical hug and two and a half thumbs 30 cm up your ass,
Your Dutch Pall

Lord-Sonx responds:

Thank you for the long review ;)

the begining of the movie is very good i agree, while the mvoie did kinda slip in quality nearing the end (red).

Th extra scene (Bside) was a quick doodle i did out of fun, mainly to have that extra somehting at the end ;)

Thank you tons for the thumbs up my ass and the hug, they are both are and squishy :)

Hope to see you again sometime ;)

Amateur Minute Collection Amateur Minute Collection

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This little piece of art was excellently composed. The parts following eachother in a chaotic symposium of randomness nearly killed me. The graphics were really effective and made the whole movie Amateurtastic! The sounds you used, which were a little bit too up-from in some parts of the movie, were ultimatly effective and really fun. I recognise most of the used movie sounclips... I also like the stuff you recorded yourself, although the quality was dramatic (hey, I'm a producer...) :) No biggy though; this thing isn't called Amateur Minute for nothing!

You're one of the most creative people I've seen in a long, long time man! Keep up the good work!

Amigo Runaway

Lord-Sonx responds:

Thanx much for such a brilliantly done review :)

such a rare pleasure it is to read such reviews always makes animating worth while, and so i thank you for your continued support and love that has helped me continu my animations :)

I have always loved your work aswell and hope that you will one day continue your animations as thye were great, aswell as your amazing music.

Thanx yet again.

Engineered Engineered

Rated 4 / 5 stars


... So if I get it right, this is just an open protest against abortion (and maybe even cloning). If so, I'de like the state the following:
I am dutch and abortion is legal here. I understand that you might think it's wrong; due to religionous reasons or just culture differences. I fully agree on the movie; abortion in cases of not 100% "normal" embryo's IS wrong. However, I do think abortion should be legal in the whole wide world. I've seen cases of women (some even as young as 14) who had an abortion; they all had their reasons (too young to have children, accidental pregnancy, rape, etc.). I also understand that if you're against abortion because of your religion, you'll also have your own reasons to be against abortion. Fact is, that science IS capable of such things, and that there are women who really WOULD like to have an abortion 'cause they have their own reasons. So either you throw it on "Yer, but an invisible, super-power-thing in the sky made us and we should respect that" or you just accept the fact that it's here and there's a demand.

Now about the movie itself :)
The movie was really wowzies. The graphics were unique and superb, especialy the "robo-doctor" working in his lab with the dimmed lights. The sounds were superb; as a "sound-engineer" myself I really compliment the soundmixer on this fine piece of art. If the underlying message wasn't anti-abortic; props up :)! Do continue making flash-movies; think carefully about the message you deliver though (whatever you're trying to say...)


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Keegan'sTruckChronicles 1 Keegan'sTruckChronicles 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This movie was great. The graphics were kinda n00bish; but I just think that gave the movie it's uniquenes. I really loved the storyline and I'm willing to wait till 2010 to see part 2 man... Good luck on the second episode, I'm your fan!


sex and the bedroom sex and the bedroom

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Diz gave me seksuel arouzmand! Man, let all those 0 voters be man; they can't see the real message hear. Ofcourse it's bad to have sex with a graphiks card, anyone can see. But the point is: Do you like to drink tea, or just pee on people? I'm your fan and I will be forever. This IS another masterpiece by you... I love the graphics, but the voice was just hilarious man! Keep up the good work!


HP: Sorcerers Bone HP: Sorcerers Bone

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

As a producer...

I found this piece of work amazing. The background music fitted skin-tight to the actual animation and script... Wow. I'm deeply impressed, the sound mixing was pro man :)! Oh, and the actual animation was cool to. The way voldermort facial expressions changed was awsome! Keep up the purely astounding flash skillz man!


Roger Barr meets Tom Fulp Roger Barr meets Tom Fulp

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Good...

That was pretty funny :) Especially Tom's facial expressions, haha ... Wait, the fact that I'm pretty damn stoned (all say HOOZAH for Ducth Legal Weed©) may have adjusted my judgmental abilities concidering this movie... Damn, I need some pie now! Anyway, long story short: Good movie :) However... The disgraceful insinuating remark, regarding Livecorpse his is suicide, was pretty harsh... But hey, let's all make fun of tragedies, that's a better way to overcome them then by attacking random middle-east oil countries, claiming that some big-bearded terrorists are hidden there somewhere (of which there is no proof in the first place...That is no, more proof then that there are terrorists hiding in the USA (or the whole 'western "civilized" world'))

Good night my dear sir Clock,
DJ Runaway, spitting is democrat values and lessons :P

(NOTE: This isn't meant to insult people. Everything I just typed can and will be used against me)

Lord of the Clocks pt. 1a Lord of the Clocks pt. 1a

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Never thought this day would come...

...but on this day, it was, that the epical DJRunaway (*laughter in the background*) voted a straight *10* on a clock movie... That, my dear clock, was the best clockmovie (not to say movie in general), I've ever seen! The graphics were superb, almost the best I've ever seen. The way the clocks, weapons, backgrounds and horses were drawn was so damn good! It really amazed me! What also amazed me was the originality! Wow! You have a very very very special gift! Use it wisely...

DJ Runaway

Ps. The narrator has a very sexy voice. Congratulate her from me... And if she can also sing, let her contact me, hehe :)

Just Draw It Just Draw It

Rated 0 / 5 stars


OMFG :| That's just too cool! 5 fps and superb art!

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