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... Touché.
You win.

But I'll get you next time Gadget...Next time!

Fückin Grüvin!

Dear Garfunkel,
I promised to review this beautiful creation some time ago, but never found the time to do so... So now, with a delay of some weeks (sorry for that ;) I finaly present to you: THE REVIEW. Okay, a detailed observation... Here it goes:
- The movie starts very artsy, with the rythmic disappearance of the loading screen. Nice one, +1 thumb for that! As for the fact that music really touches me, I was thrilled to hear an old familiar tune! Childhood memories man... I remember how I was sitting hypnotised in front of the TV, drooling, while allowing the propeganda and indoctrination to acces and take over my little, immature brain... Oh, sorry, wandering of, back to reviewing. The cat's head, in the first scene, is without a doubt the most artistic thing you've ever drawn! It's so fucking stylish!! You're drawing skills have improved incredibly much over the years; from doodlish to comicesque (is that actualy a word?). The scene transitions are very original and flashy!

Hey! That was Tom (where did you leave Jerry?). Hahahahahaha! Man, this is hilarious! This is easily the best thing you've ever made (* changes the overall score from 9 to 10 * ). The whole movie is so wel directed (apart from the "red" thingy, that was a bit quickly made...), I was drooling like I did when I was young, combined with histerious manical laughter. Amazing!

The extra scene was fun. Where does that sound-bite come from again? Oh right, South Park (* Changes Style and humor from 9 to 10 *)

Good job man! Looking forward to see more of your work! Don't hassitate to show me any previews ;)

A big platonical hug and two and a half thumbs 30 cm up your ass,
Your Dutch Pall

Lord-Sonx responds:

Thank you for the long review ;)

the begining of the movie is very good i agree, while the mvoie did kinda slip in quality nearing the end (red).

Th extra scene (Bside) was a quick doodle i did out of fun, mainly to have that extra somehting at the end ;)

Thank you tons for the thumbs up my ass and the hug, they are both are and squishy :)

Hope to see you again sometime ;)


This little piece of art was excellently composed. The parts following eachother in a chaotic symposium of randomness nearly killed me. The graphics were really effective and made the whole movie Amateurtastic! The sounds you used, which were a little bit too up-from in some parts of the movie, were ultimatly effective and really fun. I recognise most of the used movie sounclips... I also like the stuff you recorded yourself, although the quality was dramatic (hey, I'm a producer...) :) No biggy though; this thing isn't called Amateur Minute for nothing!

You're one of the most creative people I've seen in a long, long time man! Keep up the good work!

Amigo Runaway

Lord-Sonx responds:

Thanx much for such a brilliantly done review :)

such a rare pleasure it is to read such reviews always makes animating worth while, and so i thank you for your continued support and love that has helped me continu my animations :)

I have always loved your work aswell and hope that you will one day continue your animations as thye were great, aswell as your amazing music.

Thanx yet again.

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Lol. Let me just say I had nothing to do with this.


Hello there,

I've been on Newgrounds since 2001, checking the portal (semi)daily.
I've won several Daily awards in the past and have submitted around 800 songs. I've seen literally thousands upon thousands of movies and games. I'm not a frequent reviewer, but your interactive game/movie caught my attention. I'm guessing that this is your very first (submitted) flash. I'm also guessing that it's going to get blammed to the portal graveyard, because most of the crowd here, thinks that it's 'sub-par'. I disagree. You're on the right path - your flash being creative and different - so don't let this get you down.

Keep it up and you might one day pwn the portal top50.


Mokehause responds:

This was my first submission. I'm working on something more stylized now. It should be cool too. I'm more into stuff that doesn't make sense, or if it does, you have to think about it.
But this was mostly an actionscript test, I'm still trying to get my legs in programming with it.


This is my new favorite pre-bedtime game :) Thanks!

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Ik mis em ook man, elke dag

RIP Yves
17-05-1987 / 13-12-07

dmess responds:

jij kende hem ook! was me beste maat. zomaar opeens was hij er niet meer.... deze loop doet me heel erg aan hem denken. de hele track zal ik spoedig online zetten ookal was metal meer zijn ding, dit is mijn vertaling las producer.

dank voor de comment.
rustig aan jongen.


Hahaha, zit je op een avond je oude Newgrounds upload hobby uit te voeren, kom je een mede-Assenaar tegen :D Wat geinig dat je op 3FM bent geweest man! Haha :) Heb je de Brievenbus inmiddels geremixed?

Hahahahahahahaahhahahahaha :D

Hahahahahahahahahahaahhaahahhaahha :D That was awesome! I'm looking forward to hear your voice back in an upcoming flash project :)

McDugals responds:

Thanks man i appreciate it :)

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